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Muay Thai Factory BKK is able to do it all: from supplying high quality customized gloves and shorts to heavy bags, pads, and to helping you obtain the best of boxing rings. Muay Thai Factory BKK’s manufacturing is done at our facility in Samut Prakan and our products are handcrafted by our professional team in the heart of Muay Thai – Thailand.  With our excellent and well-trained staff, our factory can customize all the equipment with your personalized logos and designs. In addition, all of our products can be made with real cowhide leather or synthetic leather, offering you the best options for your budget. We offer custom boxing gloves, custom Muay Thai shorts, Thai pads, focus mitts, heavy bags, and boxing rings.

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Here at Muay Thai Factory BKK, we are proud of our exceptional product quality and superior workmanship. We welcome and recommend our customers to order samples so as to inspect the products before committing to a full order. Buying product samples allow customers to check if the products are an ideal fit for their brand. This also helps to ensure that each order is a worthwhile investment for you and your customers. Do note that product samples come in plain colors without any logos or decorations.

Custom Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai Factory BKK is able to create a multitude of different styles of boxing gloves. We offer dual-color options along with a variety of sizes – 8 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz., or 18 oz. The gloves are made to protect the hands, which are one of the most valuable weapons of a fighter, This is achieved with a well-designed and supported wrist along with a firm knuckle padding. Our gloves can be made with genuine cowhide leather or synthetic leather. Muay Thai Factory BKK gloves are perfect for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Pad work or Bag work. Because of the high-quality work, our boxing gloves are built to endure and have been used by fighters around the world for their high intensity training session. We offer several types of gloves for training, sparring and competitions.

Velcro Boxing Gloves for Training

Velcro Boxing gloves are all-purpose gloves that are great for beginners who are just starting out. These gloves can be used for all training in the gym – heavy bags, hitting pads, sparring, drills etc. This style of glove is great to have on hand for students to engage in every activity. Designs and logos can be printed on the cuff, knuckle area and/or back of the glove. As combat sports have developed, so has the customization of gloves. When people are training solo or are continually putting on and taking off their gloves, the Velcro option is the best. Our Velcro is durable, long-lasting and won’t fall apart. The Velcro option makes training more efficient and fun.

Boxing Gloves for Sparring

Our company also makes high-end quality sparring gloves which are usually 16 oz. gloves. These gloves are larger and have more padding. The increased cushioning allows for fighters to develop their skill and technique without compromising the safety of their sparring partners. The heavier size is also a great conditioning tool for athletes to increase their endurance. Like all our gloves, logos and designs can be placed on the cuff, knuckle area and or back of the glove.

Lace up boxing gloves for Competitions

Muay Thai Factory BKK also offers competition gloves. The lace-up gloves are tighter and snugger on the hand. These types of boxing gloves are great for high-level fighters and boxers looking to take a step up in their game. The laces allow for a close molded fit around the hand, adding to the precision of each punch. These gloves tend to have thinner padding and are more compact around the knuckles. That way, the boxers can put full power into their punches. Our competition gloves range from 8 oz. to 12 oz. and are lace-up gloves with high-quality stitching.  Designs and logos can be attached to the cuff, knuckle area and or back of the glove.

Bag Gloves

Muay Thai Factory BKK can customize bag gloves, which are used with heavy bags, double end bags and when doing padwork. These gloves tend to be smaller and the main purpose is to protect the knuckles. Bag gloves are usually 8 ounces and perfect for regular use at the gym. Logos and designs for the gloves can be put on the cuff, knuckle area and back of the glove.

Muay Thai Factory BKK can customize gloves with designed logos on the cuff of the glove along with the upper outside shell to promote your gym, event, and company. Boxing Gloves created at Muay Thai Factory BKK are also perfect for promotions as our gloves are high-quality and will meet all athletic body’s regulations and standards.

Custom Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai Factory BKK can create a wide array of high-quality Muay Thai shorts designed for use in the ring or in the gym. Our beautiful designs are made with reinforced stitching to make sure that the shorts last. The comfortable design and satin helps to make fighters kick quicker, more fluidly, and feel more confident in the ring. Muay Thai shorts are generally designed to be short and Muay Thai Factory BKK shorts are no exception. The shorter length allows fighters to expose their legs as they kick, offering comfort and ease when they blast away with devastating attacks. The shorts can be customized with different colors, cuts, and lettering. Lettering and logos can be placed on the center of the shorts, the waistband, either leg, on the side panels, and/or on the back of the shorts. This gives you the opportunity to highlight your brand. The shorts are suitable for use in any fight or promotion and we are able to make the entire range of sizes in small up to 4XL.


Custom Muay Thai Shin Guards

Shin guards are the hallmark of sparring training in Muay Thai and Muay Thai Factory BKK creates the best in the business. Our shin guards are built specifically to prevent injury and to allow fighters the perfect balance of mobility and protection. This potent combination gives them the ability to kick and block without taking serious damage. Using premium leather or synthetic leather, shin guards made by Muay Thai Factory BKK are used by the world’s best Muay Thai and MMA fighters. The shin guards are made with multiple layers of shock-absorbing material that keeps fighters safe and free from injury during their high-intensity training. Our shin guards come with two Velcro closures: one at the top of the calf and a second at the ankle area. The foot is also secured with a durable elastic band. The shin guards can be branded along the front of the guards creating highly visible branding for your company.


Custom Training Gear

Custom Kicking Pads

Muay Thai Factory BKK Thai pads are lightweight, making them easy to use in training with lightning-quick fighters. The soft cowhide leather is made together with dense multilayered shock-absorbing material, keeping the pad holder safe from the most brutal of blows. Pad holders can hold up against even the largest of fighters because of the production quality. Muay Thai Factory BKK is also able to create either straight or curved pads, making it easy for pad holders to catch kicks at any angle. Our equipment gives pad holders and trainers the ability to pass on the art of Muay Thai in the easiest manner possible. The art of holding pads is complicated. Training the body to perform at the top level requires trainers with experience and the right equipment. With Muay Thai Factory BKK equipment, being a pad holder has never been simpler.

Boxing Mitts

Crisp punches can only be developed with the sharpest mitt training. Muay Thai Factory BKK is able to make the best mitts on the market. Our padded targets can be used to train boxers, Muay Thai fighters, MMA combatants and other striking arts athletes. Our mitts make holding out and calling combinations easy as our proven design makes taking the punches on the mitts not as damaging. This allows for a trainer to focus on the important task of improving punch and elbow technique. Our boxing mitts have also been used as equipment for smaller framed people to kick and for training children as well.

Muay Thai Factory BKK boxing mitts are designed to last and like our other equipment, are handmade in Thailand with the best quality of cowhide leather. Beneath the leather is a layer of padding that ensures maximum shock absorption. This layer of cushioning helps protects the trainer’s hands and joints. Our balance of weight and cushioning makes the boxing mitts a great combination of lightness and durability making it safe and easy for trainers to engage in weaving and slipping drills while taking hard shots. The white target centers help aid in accuracy for the boxers while the contoured hand pockets offer the holders a snug fit with great control. Boxing mitts can be branded both on the front and back of the mitt offering great options for branding your company, promotion or gym.

Heavy Bags

Heavy bags have been used in martial arts and fighting sports from the very beginning. Many Asian martial arts including karate, taekwondo and Muay Thai use heavy bags in their training. The popularity of heavy bags has grown along with fighting sports such as Muay Thai, MMA and boxing. Muay Thai Factory BKK has mastered the art of the heavy bag manufacturing and creates the best equipment for punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing and honing fighters into dangerous weapons. Leather heavy bags are used all over Thailand and are the recognized standard for Muay Thai training. Every gym in Thailand has bags made of leather but Muay Thai Factory BKK has the best of bags with high-quality stitching. We manufacture heavy bags in a variety of shapes and sizes. Muay Thai Factory BKK can create  standard size bags, tear drop shaped bags, banana bags, and/or oversized bags. Our bags are made with premium leather and synthetics with reinforced webbing that make for long lasting functionality. The bags are made with heavy duty straps to provide security and safety when hanging. Our bags are available pre-filled with fabric and leather upon request.

Custom Hand Wraps

Protecting the hands is one of the most important aspects of Muay Thai as the hands serve as both weapons and defense. Muay Thai Factory BKK hand wraps help defend and attack in style. With traditional cloth in a variety of colors, boxers and students can securely wrap their hands to prevent injury when punching. Our reusable wraps can be machine washed and are secured at the base with lasting velcro closure. The cloth is high in quality and won’t fall apart, creating a long-lasting impact for your brand. Logos and labeling can be added to the end of the hand wrap to help for your branding.

Logos and labeling can be added to the end of the hand wrap to help brand your gym.

Custom Ankle Guards

In Muay Thai, ankle guards help support and stabilize the ankle along with creating a slight amount of traction for the foot. Muay Thai Factory BKK ankle guards come in a variety of colors with the option of adding logos and brand names to the front. They not only provide protection but are also a great aesthetic for every fighter!

Muay Thai Boxing Rings

If you are putting together a high-end promotion or just need a ring for your gym or small event, Muay Thai Factory BKK is here to help. We create boxing rings that stand the test of time and we offer a wide variety of customizations with the canvas to display your logos and your bands. Our rings come complete with simple construction that requires no tools.

Included in the ring setup are the following parts:

  • 20′, 22′, or 24′ all-steel frame*
  • 4 Corner Posts
  • 4 Corner Cushions
  • 4 Ropes
  • 4 Rope Covers
  • 8 Rope Spacers
  • 8 Rope Clamps
  • 16 Rope Retainer Rings
  • 16 Turnbuckles
  • 16 Turnbuckle Covers Stairs (2 sets)

*We can also customize ring size according to request.

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