The Muay Thai Factory Bangkok is the leading Muay Thai manufacturer in Thailand. With a team of experienced and professional workers, we can satisfy all requests to make equipment brands both unique and successful.

Our team has worked for over 20 years as manufacturers of equipment, often taking on orders of other companies when they were overloaded. This has allowed Muay Thai Factory Bangkok to work closely with all the major Muay Thai brands in Thailand. Our success has helped the company to be able to mimic the high standards of all the major brands.

While we started off as an oversupply manufacturing site, the success of Muay Thai Factory Bangkok has led the company to create its own site and distribution to expand and help emerging Muay Thai brands develop.

Creating a Name for yourself with Muay Thai Factory BKK

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai Factory works with both established businesses and startup entrepreneurs interested in breaking into the scene with their own labeled and branded gear. It is important for people starting in their gear business to create a brand as people love to talk about brand names. They share with each other on what brands to wear, what brands to eat, what brands to listen to. People are constantly talking about brands they love and care about. A strong brand of equipment is critical in creating referrals and traffic for an emerging business. The Muay Factory BKK makes that strong, branded equipment.


A Good Gym is a Branded Gym


Muay Thai Shin Guards

Growing a brand isn’t only necessary for a fight promotion, it is important for a gym. The students at the gym are the main source of income. At the same time, they are potential advertisers for the gym. By creating a custom line of gloves and shorts, a new gym can help instil a sense of identity upon its students and consumers, as well as advertise itself to newcomers.

People do business with companies and gyms that they are familiar with. If your gym’s branded logo is seen on all the equipment in the gym and seen in  day-to-day life, people will feel more at ease with engaging in the gym’s products or services. Branding your equipment creates a sense of comfort that is important in creating long-lasting relationships.

Standing apart and creating a loyal consumer base is critical in the global market as the growth of Muay Thai and combat sports sees more and more gyms open up. If your gym isn’t branded, it is not standing out. If it is not differentiated, it is not memorable and there is no long term profits. People don’t have relationships to just products and services; they have relationships with brands.

How do you stand out from the thousands and thousands of other gyms around the world and in your area? With good quality, branded equipment made by the Muay Thai Factory BKK.

Muay Thai is growing worldwide

The sport of Muay Thai is on the rise. Shows in Thailand are increasing with televised bouts at Max Muay Thai, MX Extreme, Thai Fight, Super Muay Thai etc. all battling it out to show their dominance on the world stage.

The growth of Muay Thai isn’t just happening in Thailand, it is also happening internationally. Promotions such as Lion Fight, Yokkao, Rebellion and Kunlun Fight are all paving the way for the sport in countries around the world.

With this growth is a corresponding rise in the desire to brand gloves, shin pads, headgear, boxing mitts, shorts, and other Muay Thai related gear. A promotion that has its athletes compete in gear that is not branded with its own name, is inadvertently advertising and creating revenue for a possible competitor. By creating a unique line of gloves, shorts, and other equipment, the promotion can create new income streams and keep the money circulating in its own coffers.

Each promotion is looking to instil a feeling and a way of connecting with people on an emotional level. The good promotions help create an emotional experience that is tied into their show. They do this not only by having good quality bouts but also by having high-grade products such as t-shirts, shorts and other apparel to remind their consumers of the experience. Muay Thai Factory BKK helps with instilling that memorable experience by creating that personalised, branded equipment.

Why work with Muay Thai factory?

Simply put, Muay Thai Factory BKK is the best equipment manufacturer in Thailand. With our previous experience working with all the other major brands and adhering to their standards, the Muay Thai Factory BKK has met the highest qualifications. Our company is able to make top grade equipment for all the major brands in Muay Thai and we are now offering that service to you.

To be the best, you must work with the best.



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